The Wallflower Secrets


1. Been into the fitness craze with the regular Zumba routines. Now I’m trying to eat healthy so I tried this healthy lunch I saw. I was never a fan of salads and veggies but this one is kind of okay. I managed to eat at least half of it for dinner. Maybe I should get used to these meals. Still having a hard time cutting off fast foods like pizza! I guess I really can’t.

2. Happy 22nd to my guy Daniel! I didn’t get to spend time with him on his special day but next week hopefully we can hang out together and maybe even stay a little bit in the city just in time for my birthday! Hooray for September babies :)

3. I am obsessed wearing braids these days. It’s useful especially when I have a bad hair day and wanted a different style than my usual ponytail or high bun. Just pull your hair to the side and unleash the inner Rapunzel in you. My favorite style is the messy fishtail braid like this one.

4. Celebrated my uncle’s birthday this week. It’s just me and my cousins having a blast in a long car ride just to get there. With cousins and good music, that’s what I call fun!

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