Anonymous asked: Do you have a new guy?

No. I don’t think I’m ready to enter a new relationship. :)



the smell of books

That font tho


I thought you’re my forever

It’s just a thought after all

I can see it coming 

That this relationship is ending

You used to tell me I’m beautiful

Now you dictate what I wear

You were never contented

My weight, my choices, my hair

I thought you’d grew out of it

So I still stick with you

Little did I know

That it was the real you

Five years of our existence

And most of it was pain

Quite a long time to figure out

My days were mostly rain

I was never really happy

As I thought I was before

We’re a history now

And I’m glad we are somehow

Embarrassing story

Class was over. I hurriedly went for the door. I was on the stairs when I opened my bag to take out my phone when bam! Just like that, all the butterscotch in my bag, which I would give to my cousin, jumped before my eyes. They were maybe 10 of them. My jaw dropped as I froze watching each piece fall down the stairs. Worst part is, everyone saw it! They helped me pick it up but in reality, I just wanna run away and disappear forever. Thanks to this dude (he was downstairs and probably got hit by one) who broke the awkward silence saying it was raining butterscotch! Haha!

cinnaffles asked: Hey, just dropping by to say I love your blog! And do write more, keeps me inspired for mine :D

Thank you so much! :) and yes, I will write more.


Handwritten by whitepaperquotes contributor Jenny 

Everything was cool the way it was
Just me, my thoughts, and I
then there was you, so randomly too 
the way that you walked by

Who Could Ever Love A Wallflower?

Who could ever love a wallflower?

With her lips sealed most of the time,

When all the things around her,

Seems to be frozen in time.

Who could ever love a wallflower?

With her shy and awkward state,

Who’s always on the outside looking in,

Through a thin glass that can never be seen.

Who could ever love a wallflower?

Who doesn’t stand out in place,

One who’s always invisible,

And always moves in her own pace.

Who could ever love a wallflower?

Who’s heart was broken and torn,

By a boy she thought her forever,

A lover who turned into a stranger.

Who could ever love a wallflower?

With pain and sadness in her eyes,

She’s used to feeling that way everyday,

But still hopes that a boy will change that anyway.

Wrote this poem months ago. I was in the nurses’ station on a quiet night shift. The staff told me to nap for awhile. I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this.